Platte County Public Works Department

Capital Improvements

Platte County strives to provide its citizens and businesses with a safe and reliable transportation system. A well maintained road system provides the necessary and expected level of mobility that allows County residents to conveniently access jobs, shopping, recreational activities, etc. This supports continued economic growth by ensuring our roads move people safely and efficiently throughout all areas of the County. Another important consideration, emergency services must be assured of timely access to residential and commercial districts throughout the county with a network of well-maintained and improved roadways.

For the past decade the Department of Public Works has been working to improve the road and bridge system with the aid of a 3/8 cent transportation sales tax approved by the voters in 2003. With 100% of the revenues staying in Platte County, the tax has given the County and the Cities within its boundaries the ability to continue providing improvements annually as first defined by the Roads Master Plan developed in 2002.

2013 - 2023 Transportation Improvements

Road Projects

River Road – Waldron, MO

Bridge Replacement Projects

Dye Store Road, Middle Bridge
Dye Store Road, North Bridge
Walker Road Bridge

Cost Share for Construction

MODOT Projects
Intersection of E Hwy & Elm Grove Road
Site Distance Improvements
45 Hwy, K Hwy to I-435
Intersection of 92 Hwy & Kentucky Road, Back Entrance to Quick Trip & McDonalds

Road & Bridge Design/Engineering Projects

County Line, South Bridge
North Crooked Road Bridge
Interurban Road, Phase I

City of Parkville

Route 9 Corridor Study