Notary Public Licenses

The Notaries & Commissions Unit appoints and commissions Notaries Public, and authenticates official acts of the Governor. 
The County Clerk or Deputy completes the certification and administers the oath of office.

Obtaining Notary Commission

Complete the application process as directed by the Missouri Secretary of State Website for Notaries.

Missouri Secretary of State - Notaries

Required Documents

Purchase a $10,000 notary bond.

After receiving the Commission Letter from the Secretary of State:
    Contact the Platte County Clerk’s Office to ensure your documents are on file.

Bring the following required documents to the Platte County Clerk’s Office: 

  • Notary Bond
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Applicants’ voter registration is validated with a current address and date of birth or current voter registration card (Platte County residents only)
  • Commission Letter
  • Payment for $6.00 filing fee –
    • All methods of payment accepted
    • Make checks payable to Platte County Treasurer

County Clerk's Office

The Platte County Clerk’s Office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
No appointment is necessary for the Clerk’s office to administer the certification and oaths of office.
Office number: 816 858-3340
Office location:
415 Third St., Room 116
Platte City, Missouri   64079

Additional Information

Platte County Board of Elections: 816 858-4400

Missouri Secretary of State: Notary – 866 223-6535