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The majority of unincorporated Platte County is in the urban-rural fringe. This means that it is on the fringe of a major urban area, yet it also retains a significant amount of rural character. Areas in the urban-rural fringe are often some of the fastest growing lands, and Platte County is no exception. Today, Platte County remains one of the fastest growing counties in the metropolitan area.

In order to plan and accommodate for this expected growth, Platte County has created this Land Use Plan. It is designed to help the County prepare for the multitude of issues that accompany suburban and rural growth. Maintaining the natural character of the landscape, providing adequate infrastructure, and promoting environmental sustainability are just some of these issues. This document is intended to provide the framework for addressing these issues.

This 2010 Land Use Plan (“Plan”) updates the first county-wide Land Use Plan completed in 2002. The Plan serves as the guide for growth and development in unincorporated Platte County, Missouri. The Plan is the primary tool used by the County to plan for long-term growth and development. It is organized into analysis and recommendations for each component of growth, such as utility, sewer extensions, education, historic and cultural preservation, housing, and the like. The Plan will present careful and detailed information regarding each issue, and offer guidelines for the best and most appropriate pattern of growth. In each case, the ultimate goals for development are those desired by local residents, and will serve the overall goal of improving the quality of life within Platte County.

In 2009, the County embarked on a public process to update the Land Use Plan. A Citizen Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee and Land Use Plan Steering Committee worked throughout 2009 to prepare the updated Land Use Plan. Public input was also gathered through three (3) public workshops, stakeholder interviews and citizen surveys. These various committees met many times to help the County prepare the document which was adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on March 9, 2010.

The Land Use Plan is just one of the key planning documents employed by Platte County. Other major planning documents are the Platte Profile Plan, Platte County Transportation Master Plan, the Platte County Regional Sewer Master Plan, the Platte County Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update and the Northland Trails Vision Plan.

The Land Use Plan

Land Use Plan for Unincorporated Platte County

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For more information about the Platte County Land Use Plan project, contact Daniel Erickson, AICP, Platte County Planning and Zoning Director at (816) 858-3368.