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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Symptoms

Friends and family may be among the first to recognize the signs of substance abuse. Early recognition increases chances for successful treatment. 


Signs to watch for include the following:

  • Giving up past activities such as sports, homework, or hanging out with new friends 
  • Declining grades
  • Aggressiveness and irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Disappearing money or valuables
  • Feeling rundown, hopeless, depressed, or even suicidal
  • Sounding selfish and not caring about others
  • Use of room deodorizers and incense
  • Paraphernalia such as baggies, small boxes, pipes, and rolling paper
  • Getting drunk or high on drugs on a regular basis 
  • Lying, particularly about how much alcohol or other drugs he or she is using 
  • Avoiding friends or family in order to get drunk or high 
  • Planning drinking in advance, hiding alcohol, drinking or using other drugs alone 
  • Having to drink more to get the same high 
  • Believing that in order to have fun you need to drink or use other drugs 
  • Frequent hangovers 
  • Pressuring others to drink or use other drugs 
  • Taking risks, including sexual risks 
  • Having "blackouts"-forgetting what he or she did the night before 
  • Constantly talking about drinking or using other drugs 
  • Getting in trouble with the law 
  • Drinking and driving 
  • Suspension from school or work for an alcohol or drug-related incident


Substance Abuse Treatment Resource Information: 


Northland Dependency Services
26 S. Gallatin
Liberty, MO 64068

Click here for driving directions

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