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Platte County Juvenile Office

Platte County Truancy Program

Platte County Truancy Program

Platte County Juvenile Office
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The goals of the Platte County Truancy Program is to assure the student’s education by attending school on a regular basis, serve as a resource to the school districts within the Platte County area, and divert youth from further Court action.

The program is designed to improve the attendance of students that fail to attend school on a regular basis.  The student will be placed on a level of probation depending on their referral history and behavior.  Once on supervision for truancy, the student’s attendance will be monitored daily.  If the student’s attendance improves over the required length of the probation, the case will be close.  

The program is also intended to identify each student’s issues and needs and provides the student with the appropriate tools to allow for them to be successful. The juvenile office has many resources and classes available to help meet these needs, which include: a conflict class, parenting class, drug education class and community service.

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