Platte County Juvenile Office

Parents & Adolescents Communicating Together (PACT)

Program Overview
This program was developed as a community-based diversion program targeting status offenders.
The purpose of the program is to provide mediation services as:
1. A forum to educate juveniles and families about their respective needs.
2. A method to manage disputes.
3. An alternative to formal court intervention.
Mediation is an opportunity for the parent's & adolescent to develop a course of action that will improve their ability to operate as a family and encourage mutual respect.

Q. How can Parents & Adolescents Communicate Together?
A. Mediation

Q. What is Mediation?
A. Mediation is an opportunity for parents and adolescents in conflict to meet with an impartial third party who will facilitate communication and assist in reaching an agreement.

Q. Who can benefit from mediation?
A. Families with teenagers between the ages of 12 - 17.

Q. What are the potential benefits of mediation?
A. The potential benefits are:

  • Enhances relationships
  • Parents & Teenagers are the decision makers
  • Authority and power remain within the family
  • Reduces potential for formal court intervention

Q. How much will mediation cost?
A. NOTHING! Eight (8) hours of mediation services will be provided free of charge within 90 days of your referral to the program. Additional mediation services may be negotiated between the parents and the mediator. Additional cost to be paid by the parents.

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