Platte County Juvenile Office

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Assessment & Therapy Program

This program includes contracting with professionals for mental health and/or substance abuse assessments to determine the course of treatment services that would be conducive for the youth’s successful completion of supervision; either informal or formal probation.  Delinquency and status offenders are both served in this program.  The second component of this program is to provide counseling services to the families and youth when deemed necessary. The professionals providing these services may include licensed psychologists, certified social workers, specialized therapists and/or specialized substance abuse treatment providers.  The professionals providing such services will agree to share information with the juvenile office regarding the youth’s participation in treatment, including but not limited to attendance, successes or failures throughout treatment, and family involvement so that we can work as a team to address the necessary issues with the youth and family.  Various treatment providers will be utilized in order to meet the specialized needs of the youth served and to work within any constraints of the family such as transportation issues. 

The target population to receive assessments, treatment and drug screens will include youth identified as users or at high risk for drug use and youth referred for status offenses or other unruly behaviors.  The deputy juvenile officer or the youth’s attorney may refer youth for a complete psychological assessment as part of the adjudication phase of their case.  Further, deputy juvenile officers may refer youth for individual mental health or substance abuse therapy as part of their informal/formal probation terms.