Platte County Juvenile Office

Juvenile Accountability Program

The Juvenile Accountability Program is a 120 - 150 day program for the first time offender.  It is an attempt to impact youth in a meaningful way in a short period of time.  After assessment, the youth will be assigned to the short-term intense programming.  This program will require the cooperation of the youth and custodial parent with the juvenile office.  The following are characteristics of the program:      

  1. A Petition is filed and a Court hearing is scheduled.
  2. Youth appear in Court for a contract hearing.  If contract is approved by the Judge, the youth will be placed on rules of supervision. 
  3. Pay Court costs in the amount on the day of Court.
  4. 32 hours of community service          
  5. Pay restitution to victim, if appropriate.
  6. Attend conference with juvenile officer once every two weeks.
  7. Establish in-home rules to establish parental guidelines.        
  8. Submit to drug screens and complete the Parent & Adolescent Drug Abuse Prevention Education Programs.   
  9. Parent and adolescent will attend and participate in the Anger Management Program. 
  10. Complete the Adolescents/Parents Together program. 
  11. Upon successful completion of the program the juvenile officer will recommend that the petition be dismissed without prejudice.