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Frequently Asked Questions

Platte County Recorder's Office

If it is platted property you can look at the recorded plat. If that does not provide the information you need you must search the indexes. The Recorder’s Office does not maintain separate indexes for easements.

The selling price of real estate is not required on recorded documents.

The Recorder of Deeds Office is prohibited by law from conducting lien searches. Our office is responsible only to record documents that meet statutory recording requirements. Our records are open to the public so you may search the indexes yourself. However, please remember the Recorder’s Office is not the only office where real estate liens are filed.

To make changes to ownership of property a new document must be prepared. You may want to contact an attorney to assist you in preparing a new document. The Recorder’s Office does not prepare documents.

Documents received before 4:00 pm are recorded the day of receipt and the original, recorded document is returned the next day. A copy is retained in the Recorder’s Office for public viewing and preservation.

All fees collected by the Recorder’s Office are deposited daily in the County Treasurer’s Office. At the end of each month a report is submitted by the Recorder’s Office for statutory allocations of the various funds mandated by law.