Tow Licenses

In accordance with Platte County Ordinance: Chapter 605 Section 605.010 and RS MO. 304.154.1, any wrecker or tow service business registered with the US Dept. of Transportation either physically located within Platte County or when the business conducts more than fifty percent (50%) of its wrecker or tow service business within Platte County, is required to obtain a license from Platte County and display the license.

Obtaining a Tow/Wrecker License

In order to obtain a Tow Permit for the County of Platte, the following is required: 

  • Completed two-page Platte County Tow/Wrecker License Application
  • Copy of either the most current: 
    • Missouri Safety Inspection Certificate(s)
    • Missouri Department Of Transportation inspection(s)
  • Certificate of Insurance containing the following liability limits:
    • Property Damage Liability    
      • $100,000 per accident
    • Bodily Injury Liability       
      • $ 100,000 per person
      • $300,000 per accident
  • Current paid Platte County Personal Property Tax Receipt
    (Paid receipt for the year prior to the license year.)
  • Corporations: a current copy of “Certificate of Good Standing” from the Secretary of State.
  • Appropriate fees paid: (make checks payable to Platte County Treasurer)
    • Licenses are issued on a yearly basis from January first (1), expiring December thirty-first (31).
    • Fees are not prorated for periods of less than one (1) year. 
      • $75.00 per business
      • $25.00 per vehicle

Mail or deliver all of the above to:
Platte County Clerk – Tow License
415 Third St., Rm 116
Platte City, MO 64079   

Issuing a License

After receipt of all of the above documents, requests are submitted during the County Commission Administrative Session held the first and third Monday of each month. 

All documents must be in the County Clerk’s office by 5:00 the Tuesday prior to session in order for the request to be processed by the Commission.

After Commission approval, licenses are emailed to the email address of record. If a hard copy is desired, indicate so on the application.

Licenses must be kept in the vehicles at all times.

Submitting Location

Platte County Clerk’s Office – Tow License
415 Third Street Room 116
Platte City, Missouri   64079

Additional Information

Phone - 816 858-3342

RSMo Section 304.154.1  

Platte County Regulations, Chapter 605: BUSINESS REGULATIONS, Section 605.010 – Wrecker or Tow Service Businesses

PENALTIES: Per Platte County Ordinance Chapter 605: Business Regulations – Section 605:010  
Any person, wrecker or tow service business which fails to obtain a license from the County Clerk or pay the fee for said license as required by this Section shall upon conviction thereof be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment in the County jail for a term not exceeding one (1) year or by both said fine and imprisonment. (County Order No. 36-96, 12-31-96; County Order No. 02-03 §1, 1-9-03)