Platte County Assessor's Office

Important Dates

By law, Platte County residents and business owners are required to file their personal property with the Assessor each year. To avoid late penalties, please refer to these important dates for filing your annual assessment.

JANUARY 1 --- All personal property is assessed as it exists on this date

MARCH 1 --- The last day to file personal and business property without penalty

PRIOR TO JUNE 1 --- Informal hearings for assessment disagreements (Prior to BOE)

MAY 1 --- Late filing fees assessed

BEFORE 3rd MONDAY IN JUNE --- Deadline for filing appeals to the Board of Equalization (BOE)

AUGUST 15 --- Deadline to file appeals to the State Tax Commission (MUST appeal to the BOE first)

NOVEMBER --- Collector mails tax bills

DECEMBER 31 --- Last day to pay county taxes without penalty