Platte County Assessor's Office

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Assessor’s Office

The Assessor assesses all real and personal property within the county including land, homes, commercial buildings, businesses, mobile homes, aircraft, vehicles, and other personal property. Our goal is to accurately value your property while providing you the best possible service with a trained and qualified staff.

While our office does not impose or collect property taxes, it’s important that our assessments are done accurately and on time as the money that is collected from property taxes is used to fund schools, libraries, fire protection, emergency services, and many other governmental services that support the communities where we live.

At the beginning of each year, Platte County residents and businesses will receive a Personal Property Assessment form to be completed and returned by March 1.


Our mission is to partner with the taxpayer to ensure accurate, consistent and transparent assessments — never overvaluing or undervaluing property — while providing exceptional service through a qualified staff and simple, convenient services.


Platte County residents elected David Cox as their new County Assessor in November of 2012. He officially took office on September 1, 2013. David is a 30-year Platte County resident with extensive real estate as well as sales and asset management experience.

Since 1980, he has actively invested in the residential real estate market. In 2004, David earned his real estate license and began brokering and selling property across the county. From 2011 to 2012, David proved to be an excellent steward of taxpayer money by enhancing the District’s financial position by serving on the Park Hill Board of Education.

A graduate of Rockhurst University, David and his wife, Jacque, of 33 years have three grown children.